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🪶 Light-weight & convenient design
🚵 Quick & easy tool access for short & chaos-free pit stops
💪 Durable & long lasting
🏅 slim build for performance
(Gear shown in images not included)

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Medium - POSSM - Sized for one MTB tube (up to 29x 2.4) or two 700c Road/CX tubes plus CO2's a pump, compact multitool (75mm x 55mm x 12mm), levers or whatever else you need that fits. This is the Outvi workhorse. Ideal for XC MTB racing, longer road and gravel excursions or any training ride.  Can be overstuffed if necessary. Only weighs 78g!!

Just so you know:

For dropper post use, ensure Possm clearance before mounting. While compatible with most setups, check for potential tire rubbing on smaller frames under full compression. Verify the space under the seat for storage, as physics insists two things can't share the same space simultaneously.

  • Possm Large:

    This is for you +size guys and gals. Fat bike friendly and optimized to carry the extra rubber and air needed to get a fatty outta the woods or snow bank and you back to the pub. Set up for a 3.0 tube, 3 25g CO2's, levers, etc under the seat. More can be stuffed in somewhere if needed.

  • Possm Medium

    Smaller build with the same design and characteristics of the Possm Large. Still holds plenty of tools & materials although not as many as the Possm Large. Great for any biking occasion from morning strolls to full-on competitive races the Possm Medium has you covered.