The Possm's 1st review

The Possm's 1st review


Erik from Oregon:

I had been looking for a good frame bag for some time, but really don’t like the look or design of most bags – they seem to either not fit under the seat, bang around a lot, or require you to completely unpack everything to find the thing you need. When I saw a picture of the Possm at Steve Tilford’s blog, it looked promising, so I ordered one. Right out of the box the pack was one of the coolest bike parts I’ve seen (which, after 40 years of riding, is saying something). Thanks to the well-illustrated instructions, I was able to pack two road tubes, two CO2s, tire levers and a Leyzne multi-tool in the loops. The bag attaches to a rail of the saddle, rolls up and then you pass a couple of wide straps over the saddle rails and fasten them on the other side.  While it seems a bit tight at first, the straps hold the bag solidly against the seat, and, even under a narrow Flite saddle, completely out of the way of my legs.  Once in place, it simply does not move.

 On a number of rides (road and gravel) it neither moved up or down the rails, or got in the way of my legs. After several rides without flats (and thus no opportunity to use the pack), I decided to test it at the end of a 5 hour ride.  Despite being on the edge of a hunger knock and somewhat delirious from the heat and distance, I was easily able to get into the bag, get my tools out, and, more importantly, get everything wrapped back up and secure in a very short period. It was as easy to pack on the road as it was in the garage, which is key when you’re out of water and panicking a bit about getting back on the road and home.

 The bag is also built for the ages: thick material, heavy duty stitching and solid fasteners give you a sense of security, that it will be sturdier than you through all sorts of adventure as befits its MTB heritage.  It’s equal parts over-the-top engineering that you can beat the heck out of, and aesthetics that are perfectly at home on a 17 pound racer.

 For me, few cycling products ever get past either ‘adequate’ or ‘tolerable on the one hand, or ‘so expensive I feel like a poseur riding it’ on the other. The Possm is exactly in that sweet spot of high function matched with great form. I look forward to years of riding with it.


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